Evaluation of Realistic and Exact Three Dimensional Finite Element Stresses for Large Excavation

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta manav rachna international university


Modelingof three dimensional excavation using Finite element method were analyzed for major, intermediate, minor stresses as well shear stresses for seven lift. The shear stresses contours were plotted along the vertical excavation corresponding major, intermediate, minor stresses for the each lift of excavation. The seven lift were taken for a depth of 12000 mm. The discretized continuum were taken for the vertical depth of 12000 mm, where as discretization of the physical body was subjected to 24000 mm and 30000 mm. The Vonmises contours for the stresses were plotted for verification of stresses. The meshing and application of equivalent load over the vertical cut were applied was 0.0 70N /mm2 and 4.0 N/mm2. The Element in FEM were taken as quad and the simulation process should be carried out. The Displacement vectors were plotted to visualization of the pattern of the displacement along the vertical plan. The elastic strain for the three dimensional case study were plotted and the plotted Strain diagram, showed the failure mechanism. The mechanical strain for three dimensional contours were plotted to observe the failure surface. The VonmisesÔs Criteria for assessment of the three dimensional stresses were verified and correlated to the equation for modification. Experimental verification for the three dimensional stresses analysis were examined and verified.

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta, manav rachna international university

Associate Professor,
Department of Civil Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
MRIU, Faridabad

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